Sum-It Roofing Inc. guarantees proven residential roofing protection at a competitive price.

Sum-It Roofing Inc. overcomes the elements of nature by using and recommending 3-D CertainTeed, BP, IKO, GAF or Owens Corning Roof Shingles guaranteed by the manufacturer. We encourage our customers to read the manufacturer’s warranty on their website. These sturdy residential roof shingles are thicker in weight featuring a 3-D two-toned appearance.

We pride ourselves on building a “top performance roof”. We offer more value than just replacing shingles. Our superior quality roofing system works in unison, utilizing Ice Shield membrane underlayments, roofing shingles, roofing accessories and ventilation. No matter how bad the weather is, at Sum-it Roofing Inc. our goal is to provide optimum roofing performance every day for many years to come. The lifespan of a roof is determined by many factors such as:

  • The slope or pitch of the roof
  • The air ventilation within the roof
  • The quality of shingles used
  • Installation expertise
  • Weather conditions

Unfortunately, today about 80% of residential roofing is installed using 3-tab design shingles, which are known to curl and blow off the roof. At Sum-It Roofing Inc. we supply and install a wide variety of higher performance laminated architectural shingles from the U.S. and Canada featuring no separation within the shingle. Our roofing consultants will help customers make their purchasing decisions based on their preference of design, grade, colour and budget.

We Recommend Synthetic Underlayment and Self Adhesive Membrane in Conjunction with The New Shingles We Install.

To ensure that your roof has the up most durable protection we believe installing ice and water barriers for the maximum life of the shingles. Leak barrier products protect most leak-prone areas of the roof such as skylights, dormers, vent pipes, chimneys, and other flashing areas. At Sum-It Roofing Inc. we stand behind our name and product offering a Ten (10) Year Workmanship Warranty. The workmanship warranty with Sum-it is 10 yrs labor to all customers.

Let our roofing experts demonstrate the various types of shingles and home improvement roof options.

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Additional Roofing Installations and Solutions

  • Gutter/Eaves guards – You have a choice of 2 types of Gutter guards.
  • Attic Insulation – Discover new ways to insulate your attic and make your home more “energy efficient” and “eco-friendly”. We can help you bring your insulation up to code by adding “blown in” cellulose/fiberglass insulation.
  • Clean Air Ventilation – We prevent mold and bacteria problems by installing Wind Turbines, Whirly bird vents, Ridge vents, Kitchen Range hood exhaust vents, power on vents, washroom exhaust vents and soffit ventilation, upgrade to a ventilation maximum and improve the attic ventilation. see website for details.
  • Soffit
  • Fascia
  • Turbine/Fan installation (Whirly bird Turbine vent)
  • Washroom Exhaust Vents
  • Chimney and wall flashing
  • Skylights (various sizes) (
  • Sun tunnel Installation…

Aluminum Eaves Troughs

At Sum-It Roofing Inc., we guarantee protection by installing eaves-troughs custom made on site, using Aluminum 5”/ 6″ or Custom Seamless Eaves-trough Replacements. Our seamless eaves-troughs are available in a variety of colours and produce a “continuous flow” method minimizing the chance of water flowing through or ice and snow accumulation during the winter months.

Snow, ice and falling debris cause heavy stress on eaves-troughs in the fall, winter, spring and summer seasons. Our roofing experts recommend using eaves-troughs or “gutters” but why? Eaves-troughs drain and guide the water to large drainpipes that reroute the water away from your home protecting your foundation walls and basements from leaking.

Today, aluminum is the most popular choice of residential roofing materials used for eaves-troughs soffit and fascia. Why? Because aluminum eaves-troughs …

  • Improve the overall roofing design in your home.
  • Is light in weight and old aluminum can be recycled.
  • Customers no longer have to paint or scrap wood taking advantage of low maintenance benefits.
  • Rust and corrosion are eliminated since aluminum has replaced Galvanized eaves-troughs.

Our Estimator/Consultant will demonstrate aluminum eaves-trough solutions and home improvement suggestions. Please contact 416-887-8767 for your complimentary consultation and free estimate.