Commercial Roofing – choose reliability over taking a risk

Stay open and in business while our commercial roofing specialists install guaranteed durable 2-ply Flat Roof Rubber Membranes that prevent leakage and ensure maximum performance in the cold winter months.

Choosing a reliable company like Sum-it Roofing will definitely put your company at ease when constructing or repairing a commercial flat roof. We ensure that your day-to-day business operations continue during the roofing construction, while keeping the building watertight.

As a business owner, you are investing in, not only the four walls that surround and protect your business, but the fifth wall on top of your commercial building. Try to proceed with caution and avoid cutting corners that could later cause damages that far exceed your roof investment, especially in the winter months when Flat Roofs are covered with snow making it difficult to repair.

At Sum-it Roofing Inc., we highly recommend that business owners book regular roof inspections and routine maintenance. Most Flat Roofs are more then double the cost of a residential shingle roof.

We highly recommend the Modified Bitumen system or a TPO/EPDM system to construct your flat roof instead of the typical tar and gravel approach. Why? …

  • It is 66% lighter yet holds a stronger capacity for snow, roof decking and reduces disposal costs.
  • A Modified Bitumen Roof system is much easier to repair.

Some commercial buildings consist of refrigerated or cold storage facilities and air-conditioning units that require a custom designed roof assembly. Other commercial roofs may require additional equipment and materials to design flat roof gardens and terraces.

Our experts designed Sum-it's “Commercial Flat Roofing Process - CFRP”

Sum-it’s commercial roofing system requires special installation expertise. We developed a “Commercial Flat Roofing Process” to get the job done right the first time. The CFRP process involves:

  • Cleaning and preparing the job site for construction such as stripping off old roofing materials.
  • Ensure project safety by installing safety equipment measures for commercial roofers, commercial staff and pedestrian traffic such as securing the area with railings and barricades, etc.
  • Preparing, inspecting or repairing the wood, metal or concrete deck surface
  • Applying Vapor Retarder for wood decks, metal decks and concrete decks.
  • Installing insulation systems over the vapor retarder, such as Fibreboard, Polyisocyanurate, Asphalt saturated proteco-board, Rigid Styrofoam or Tapered insulation
  • Creating a customized gradiant/slope within the flat roof design to avoid re-occurance of water damage and prolong lifelong durability.
  • Installing Gutter systems and Roof Drains to wall drains, canted edge scupper drains, interior drainage pipes,
  • Providing Custom Sheet Metal Work in weak areas of the roof such as walls, canted edges, skylights or roof hatch curbs, corner joints, etc.
  • Apply Caulking & Sealing to wall flashings, metal to masonary or glass, skylights and pitch cones.
  • Utilize eco-friendly green solutions while disposing of all debris to an approved disposal site.

Get the best value for your Commercial Roofing dollar

Before you invest in the repair or replacement of a commercial roof determine if the existing roofing is wood, metal or concrete. Also, is it necessary to work around gas pipes, hydro lines, roof-mounted HVAC units or chillers.

Arrange a meeting with Sum-It Roofing Inc. to discuss the project specifications and your expectations in terms of time, frame and budget. Our Estimator/Consultant will answer any questions or concerns you have regarding commercial roofing services. Your roof is our business.

Please call 416-887-8767 for your complimentary consultation and free estimate.

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